Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The 2010 Barangays (Villages) Election Story

The 2010 Brgy. Election story

At last the Barangay Election (October 26, 2010) had been conducted peacefully in our Barangay (village) Imelda

(although, I was nearly killed and/or be buried alive, per inciter Bernie Baldonado), and the show forces of the Local

Official (the Hon. Mayor, my kumpadre and my godfather [our principal sponsor of our wedding]) against the threat in his

political career, as what he said in his campaign against my father when he had spoken and delivered a discourse to a

meetings (two times verified) at the Mondragon Cockpit Arena and at the meeting place of the Pantawid Pamilyang

Pilipino Program, 4Ps members or recipient of conditional cash grants to extremely poor households to improve their

health, nutrition and education particularly of children aged 0-14, of the national government through the Department of

Social welfare and Development(DSWD) funded by WORLD BANK for the poor people to alleviate their immediate needs

(short term poverty alleviation);  He used this government program to force and frighten the voters to vote of his choice

candidates, WHAT A DISGUSTING political system, He had made in his LIFE. His presence in the campaign against my

father was apparent/obvious and transparent (indirectly intended to me, because I supported a candidate for

congressman JUN ROSALES a three consecutive terms Mayor of Catarman and 2-terms Board Member, whom

fortunately won 150 more votes against Congressman RAUL DAZA in Barangay Imelda only, in the last local and national

election), but fortunately/luckily we were able to show to the envious people that our family had not done wrong to the

people. Those who wanted that my father be defeated was embarrassed by the majority votes, my father got 126 more

votes than his opponent, luckily this will be the last term of my father as Barangay Captain of Barangay Imelda. We, my

family and I would like to thank to those who helped us in anyway (in cash, and in kind), we thank you all from our

innermost hearts, we gratefully acknowledged you all. This time we were able to observe that some of our relatives (SB

members Gavino Malobago, Orlando De Guia) were not supportive to us, because of their fear to Mayor Ismael Bugna.

Jr., and that they might be considered as a threat to political career, campaigned not to be voted by supporters of Mayor

Bugna Jr. in the future elections. They are only good to themselves, for their own vested interest. "In politics there are no

PERMANENT FRIENDS and ENEMIES. The only permanent in politics is vested interest. I posted this on November



This is factual; first, in the eve of October 3, 2009, during the Bugko fiesta I was threatened by the son of Brgy. Captain

George Galing, (because he was instigated by Mr. Toto Rama - a cripple, a disabled person, an employee of Mayor ),

he said, I quote "I can kill you now" this happened in front of my children, my wife, and my father in-law, brother in-law;

second, on February 2010 (verified), my wife when she came back or went home from work she told me that one of the

TEACHERS "so-and-so" in Barangay Nenita confided to her that Mayor Bugna Jr. telephoned Madam Nita Layon, the

words uttered, I quote "don't help Venus and her family because they were supporting Rosales, also he said, I quote "the

husband of this is obstinate (matugas an Ulo" I am called obstinate because I supported Jun Rosales! Despite of my help

to Mayor Bugna, Jr., I harvested threat of my life including my family, the fruit was they MALIGNED my name and

humiliated me. Third, while I was working with Pierre Paul Carpio, brother of the Mayor of Catarman as one of his project

engineer in Las Navas, sometime in the eve of June 7, 2012, during the Imelda village fiesta, my padi Toto had incited

Pierre Paul Carpio (verified) not to give me a chance to work, because Toto was not aware that I was working already with

Pierre Paul; the words was this way "don't give a chance this person (ayaw pag-inasahe ini sya kay taga loyo ini at

masuol an ULO)." In spite of these events, I submit this to God my creator, I've learnt how to forgive...!!! and God will let

them pay for me!