Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top ten (10) News in 2010 in the Province of Northern Samar, Philippines

Here are the ten (10) news in 2010 of the Province of Northern Samar:

No. 1 Ambush in Brgy Imelda, Catarman
On the 23rd of August 2010 ambushed perpetrated by the New People’s Army (NPA) rebels operating in the province, eight (8) policemen were killed on the spot while on their way to Brgy. Imelda, Catarman five (5) kilometers away from Catarman proper to respond a complaint involving a barangay official who was allegedly killed by the NPA.

No. 2 Ambush in Sta. Fe, Las Navas
The No. 2 spot was the recent ambush made by the NPA that killed ten (10) Philippine Army soldiers belonging to the 63rd Infantry Battalion and a nine (9) year old boy who was also killed in the cross fires, and two were miraculously survived the ambush. Reports reaching the 803rd Brigade based in Camp Sumoroy, Catarman town revealed that around 3:00 pm on December 14, 2010 while the soldiers were on foot patrol along Brgy. Sta. Fe and Brgy. Perez, Las Navas, N. Samar area.

No. 3 SK and Barangay Elections marred with massive vote buying and “kidnapping”
Based on the reports gathered by the Catarman Weekly Tribune a local newspaper, the barangay and SK elections vote buying reaches as high as P5,000.00 per voter while parents of SK candidates spent around P100,000.00 to ensure their sons and daughters victory. In an interview, a SK voter who requested anonymity said she was offered as high as P10,000.00 and was instructed to stay in a beach resort here in Catarman for quite a number of days free food and accommodation.

The Two (2) million peso highway robbery landed the number 4 spot.
Domingo Dianito, municipal treasurer of Las Navas was on his way to Las Navas town on board of a passenger’s jeepney. With him was the P2 million pesos cash which he had withdrawn on that day intended for the salaries and wages of LGU officials and employees of the said town. Upon reaching Barangay Dona Lucia, Mondragon town near the St. Paul Seminary the two unidentified men that boarded the jeepney at Petron gas station in Brgy. Bangkerohan, Catarman stopped the jeeney. There, men who were on board of a car parked just few steps away where the jeepney had stopped and parked, alighted from the said car immediately boarded the passenger jeepney and announced that they were looking for a man who was in possession of a cocaine, suddenly, one of the men that boarded at Petron gas grabbed the bag that contain the P2 million cash from the municipal treasurer while the other man draw his pistol and pointed the gun on the head of the victim.

No. 5 Killings within Catarman
Fifth on the list was the series of killing within Catarman. In a span of 15 days four people were killed, of the four two of which were police officers, while the two were civilians. Two of these killings were executed in broad day light while the two were done around 6:00 to 7:00 pm.

No. 6 Series of motorcycle incidents that claim more than 10 lives
Sixth was the series of motorcycle accidents that claim more than 10 lives, the latest of which was a 75-year-old retired public school teacher from Mondragon who was on board on his Honda wave motorcycle at the Catarman proper. And the other one was a certain Nonoy Villadolid a resident from Mondragon who was also on board on his Honda XRM motorcycle accidentally hit by a Pajero owned by a priest, Father Infante at the newly constructed Catarman Bridge, according to my cousin the victim was heading to Mondragon.

No. 7 was the ambush in Brgy. Makagtas, Catarman, one (1) killed, three wounded
Seventh was the ambush of Tan’s family along Brgy. Makagtas, Catarman three days after the Brgy. Imelda ambushed on August 23, 2010. The lone fatality was identified as Kimberly Trongcoso Tan while three of her brothers were seriously injured.

No. 8 ambush of Atty. Don Avalon and Dr. Myrna Avalon
Atty. Don Avalon was a former Board Member of the second district and  former Mayor of San Roque, Northern Samar, Philippines.

No. 9 was the NPA raid in Brgy. Polangi, Catarman

No. 10 was the massive vote buying during the May 10, 2010 elections
And the tenth spot was the news about the massive vote buying during the May 10, 2010 national and local polls. Candidates buy votes as high as Php10, 000.00 per voter. In Catarman candidates bought the votes Php1, 500.00 per voter, in Mondragon candidates bought the votes for Php750.00 per voter.
Aside from that, the politicians also doled out cash to every graduating student in the University of Eastern Philippines, in Mondragon High School graduating students and from Catarman National High School.