Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Serious killing, greed for power and wealth.

In my standpoint, killings done by ruthless and reprobate people are the works of evil, EVIL who entices people to do beyond the limits of their sanity and senses and the freewill, freedom to choose given by God to us. To do what is bad in the eyes of God, because the worldly desires are severe, the desire for power, for fame, and greed for money even to the extent of killing people, being a false witness.  To name God’s commandments, viz: 
  1. Thou shall not kill;
  2. Thou shall not steal;
  3. Thou shall not make false witness against your fellowman;
Here are signs of greed for power, selfishness, enviousness, political killings and transgressions of the law of God:

People in power are not satisfied with their honor and fame; victorious political party have used their powers for political persecution against the people who supported their political rival and other political party (I am a victim of political persecution, bickering and jeering). In some instant implementation of infrastructures (the method of design and construction); instead of listening to the suggestion and complaints of their subordinates, employees they said “don’t interfere.!” The worst is the insidious evil attitude of few individuals, who are selfish flatterer of the politicians (false witness). 

The killing of former Mayor of Catubig Ceasar Vicencio son of late congressman Romy Vicencio, Father Cecelio Lucero the brother of former Congressman Wilmar Lucero, Manolo Daza brother of Congressman Raul Daza, and killing of 10 policemen in Catarman, ambushed of 10 soldiers in Las Navas town, Northern Samar, Philippines.

The difference between good acts and bad acts: 

The good acts are; people in power and few politicians have powers to choose and appoint for appointive positions in government, and have influence to recommend for employment and promotions; while the bad acts are; they may block and oppose employment and promotions by calling and influencing the heads of agencies and by visiting the office of the head of offices in the government; with due respect to good and clean politicians, "I salute them..!"

In my standpoint, people in power want professional people (like teachers, architects, doctors and even lawyers) to bend knees, bow down and implore to them just to ask favor from them for employment and for contracts of projects in government, "this is my personal opinion only!" Sorry to cause offence to them! (I knew for a fact that they are influential people as politicians! In Philippine history they were described as "Ilustrados elite" but elite people I described as "ilustrados elite" in earlier time their status in society were the same as we are in the "middle class"), it's only their feelings that they are elite." My Auntie Ligaya in Catarman said these people who claimed that they are wealthy people are actually not wealthy class people before, she compared to my status in society, she said I quote! "Your father has vast landholdings compared to them, what they have is fighting spirit without giving consideration to other people and without principles and conscience." While they are using their influence, powers to amass wealth or fortune through kickbacks from supply of goods, infrastructure projects, obviously, these are abuse of power and/or authority and corruptions in government; and also some incompetent and unscrupulous contractors are deceiving the works by reducing the cement factors, quantity of materials, substandard materials to show that they are agile and have knacks compared to other contractors and engineers. Lying, deceptions, and corruptions are just normal to them.    

Government appointed officials used their positions to get money by demanding percentage as kickbacks, ranging from 1.5% to 10% of the total cost; if papers pass through their hands being one of signatories for the supply of goods and infrastructure projects, this is an obvious red tapes; although Anti-Red tape law (RA 9485) had been enacted into law by congress of the Republic of the Philippines. Law is not deterrence instead law is being used as an instrument in asking many documents before they sign the contracts and documents papers.  

During the time, when I was working in a millions projects owned by the government I observed that all signatories personnel assigned in the project had asked percentage from the savings in all item of works that were not put in the project. 

In our town, the engineer embedded in the detailed estimate of the program of works the assistance to the engineer a five (5%) per cent of the project cost.  In my 20 years’ experience as practicing engineer, and having worked with government projects, this assistance to the engineers in general item requirements of the detailed estimates is only applicable to a foreign assisted projects and/or foreign funded projects, e.g. Philippine Japan Highway Loan (PJHL), Philippine Australian Development Assistance Project- Samar Integrated Rural Development Project (PADAP-SIRDP), Help for Catubig Agricultural Advancement Program (HCAAP) to name a few.  Wherein, the consultants for the foreign assisted and/or foreign funded projects should come from the countries (Government of Japan) who grant loans to developing countries like the Philippines and it is being stipulated in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The HCAAP program is being funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to alleviate poverty in the Philippines in my knowledge because I worked in this program, the construction of diversion DAM and Irrigation canals, drainage canals, so I can attest to the fact that there is no assistance to the engineer included in the detailed estimates and program of works..