Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Visit to a PLACE and to the province

My hometown is a non-progressive town, situated along the coastline fronting the pacific ocean at the northern part of Samar island, Mondragon, Northern Samar, link to google map about 13 kilometers from Catarman, the capital town of Northern Samar, Philippines. No water supply (mostly pitcher and jetmatic hand pumps), no public market yet for dry and wet goods merchandise. We have "talipapa only" a small market place along street/national road. Although we have now cable televisions, Broadband Internet and Cellphones sites (Globe and Smart), people are still behind of the science and technology in terms of analysis(computations) design and constructions, they are using RULES of THUMBS being tolerated by politicians and engineering office of the local government...!Why? because when Mayor Bugna Jr. told me to make plans for 2 or 3 stories public market building, I was amazed and bewildered because when I submitted the plans to the Engineer of Matias Cabalitan and Elena Coprada, she told me to make plans for the scaffolding and formworks details "my goodness it is the responsibility of the contractor who will win the contract. Also, she said that the construction joints for the columns should be located 0.50 meter from top of beam or beam-columns joints, the engineer was showing her ignorance since she is not aware of the provisions of the latest American Concrete Institute (ACI-318 Code) and ACI 224.3;
In view of the fact that engineering education in the Philippines is American oriented per DPWH Department order No.82-1, 1982, to reflect Chapter 5- Concrete, conforms to American Concrete Institute-ACI 318 Code, and NSCP Code as referral code of the National Building Code of the Philippines reflects the continuing technical advances in structural engineering and the latest seismic design practice for earthquake resistant structures, reinforced concrete conforms to American Concrete Institute, ACI 318.
ACI 224.3, Chapter 3, section 3.2.2. It says construction joint are provided at the top of floor slabs for columns continuing to the next floor; column capitals, haunches, drop panels, and brackets should be placed monolithically with the slab. Also, in earthquake-resistant building construction splice joints should be not located within 2H (H-height of beams) and should be at mid-height of columns.

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Northern Samar is one of the poorest provinces of the entire Philippines based on the National Poverty Map of 2007 made digitally by Peace and Equity Foundation. In a province like Northern Samar wherein poverty is prevalent we could conclude that somehow political figures are not concerned about development, yet they are well seasoned and highly intellectual political leaders. Unemployment, internal revenue allotment (IRA) and the congressional development funds for the province would be the reasons why poverty is prevalent? Northern Samar has many natural resources and agricultural, namely; abaca fiber, coconut trees, and forest trees protected by Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), unfortunately, many illegal loggers being allowed by people in power. I don't agree that eradication of corruptions would be the best solution for poverty alleviations. Red tapes and kickbacks are being practiced anywhere in the world, hence, I don't believe that the cause of poverty is corruptions in the government.

I have surmised that the root cause for poverty is the lack of knowledge in science and technology, and of course basic education, these are the absolute premise, namely; flickering electricity like fireflies on the trees being supplied by NORSAMELCO, water supply wherein most houses are using pitcher hand pumps, no investors for factories and business, projects are implemented by contractors with substandard materials, politicians borrowed contractors license and then implement projects by themselves, engineers are just being used as a display persons and scapegoats.

These above reasons I mentioned are only a part of those reasons that the inhabitants of the province are mentioning and spending their lifetime to await who would be the right leaders that will fulfill their dreams, like me, we are waiting for a change, progress; We have highly intellectual leaders like Governor Ong and Gov. Daza whose education are incomparable to others, he acquired his education Bachelor of Science in Economics from the most powerful country in the world the United States of America.

I was born during the time of Congressman Eusebio Moore, the time of Congressman Daza, the Del Valle's clan. And time passed by when Moore and Del Valle's have gone; and then old and new breed of leaders have come to power, and yet our province still included and put Northern Samar in the as published digitally.