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Here is a glimpse of local politics in my Hometown based on my personal knowledge and experiences:

On September 2009 two (2) times I was invited by Mayor my boss to his residence, but because of my resentment (precisely not pride) to him and to his Vice Mayor, who were indifferent to my requests:

My first request, was additional remuneration (for projects in DPWH or elsewhere, having heard with a frustrating story from Willy Rempillo that my requested project at my father's Barangay [village] Imelda would be given to Mr. Matias Cabalitan), and then an annoying remarks of Mr. Willy Rempillo (envious person) when he said to me I quote!

"Uncle Olpior Conge wants to use your license as Sustaining Technical Employee (STE) and/or engineer for contractor's license at the Philippine contractors accreditation board (PCAB), because you're NOT considered government employee anymore, since you are now a contractual employee for KALAHI-CIDSS. In my disgust to Willy Rempillo, I informed them (Evelyn, Willy) that I advised and warned 2 times already Engr. Vio Villadolid not to obtrude and insist himself for the Street Lighting/ Highway Lamp Post (Php2Million) because he is not a relative of Mayor Bugna, and not even a brother-in law, and that this project was already given to Mr. Marlito Bugna, brother of the mayor. Was it bad to tell them my advice to Engr. Vio (my brother in-law).

Imagine! I'll be hired by them as contractor's employee only! Whaah!! I went to Mr. willy Rempillo and told them (Nadulo ak na! diri puede na lahat ng problema kan Nora! ako an TADTARAN!), I told him I'm FED UP, ANNOYED, DISGUSTED already I don't like to be a chopping board.

I have uttered these words! because I was surmising that gradually they are discarding me and throwing me aside in a corner.

Second, a suggestion only to implement the projects in consonance with the standard procedures, but they (their people) do not mind about scientific methods of construction, design and analysis (computations), I had declined to his invitation, I did not report to him anymore as a hired employee to review plans and cost estimates and a signatory of the DSWD-kalahi-cidss projects, because I had experienced to be humiliated by somebody (Mr. Rongcales foreman/carpenter a layman person, pretended to be all knowing person a pedantic, who did not finish even high school, my boss allowed him to supervise the construction of the overflowing drainage canal), who are more closer to Mayor Ismael Bugna, Jr. than I am! I had the opportunity to complain to Mayor, but he said to me "don't interfere!" (AYAW PAGLABOT sa Brgy. Eco.! in local waray-waray dialect) and then he grimaced his face and frowned (nanyam-id) to me as a manifestation of dislike and/or displeased, because the implementer was his brother (my Pade) as barangay captain of Baranagy Eco, who did not care about the correct construction methods and it had resulted to overflowing of drainage canal and flooding of the poblacion barangay (village), I knew fully well and clearly understood as clear as sunshine and fresh water the procedures of my pade Marlito Bugna to implement his projects, with due respect to him. It had occurred to me to sue the person who was close to Mayor for oral defamation for humiliating an engineer. I suffered mental anguish. Finally, I decided to better let God avenge for me, because I believed in bible saying and teaching; Book of Romans, it says "Don't avenge by yourselves, beloved, but yield place to the wrath, for it is written: "Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says Jehovah God."

I (myself), my father and my family were an outspoken, diehard supporter of the Liberal Party, the Congressman Paul R. Daza, Governor Raul A. Daza, Mayor Ismael Bugna Jr. for almost two(2) decades.

Here are some stories!

On May 2004 local and national election, on Saturday 3 days before election my Padi Toto came to our house and made a deal with me if I have funds to help him in the election, he said, "if you have cool ak siton!" "if I won the election MORE projects will be given to those who could help me." so I told him I have a little money only as contracting engineer! my prime purpose at that time was not to employ but to have projects only. Hence, I had contributed forty five (45) cases of tanduay rum wines (worth Php10,000.00), plus Php50,000.00 cash to Mayor Ismael Bugna Jr. for his mayoralty campaign and to the Liberal Party, we used the cash to buy votes in barangay Imelda I knew this because I accompanied my father to buy votes. I was one of them (the group), when we distributed the money for buying the votes, even my car, my dump truck were used in the field, until midnight and beyond until 2:00 AM in the morning in distributing the money (my money) against the party of late Mayor Elito Dapulag and Vilma Torres.  He won as Mayor, my father was a Barangay captain at that time already, he supported the Liberal party and Mayor Bugna Jr. even his own money.

On May 2007 election we supported him again, my father supported him also being a diehard supporter, again I supported him in terms of money a small amount (almost Php30,000.00, if I’m not mistaken), my wife and I personally gave to him (some went through the hands of Mr. Ander Francisco). I was also the person who conducted special operation for Governor Daza - Congressman Daza in buying the votes in Barangay Imelda with the help of Mr. Raul Mananguite as per order of Col. Tony Daza (brother of Congressman Daza), at the same time I accompanied my father in distributing the money for the Liberal Party until midnight, so claimants, like Mr. Baldonado, Nelia Ablazo and Rey Morillo (Rey Morillo was a supporter of Elito Dapulag and Vilma Torres in 2004 election) should not have claimed the sacrifices, and that they were the ones who helped the Liberal Party against the other Liberal Party wing of Congressman Harlin Abayon and late Mayor Elito Dapulag. The persons I mentioned who claimed that they have more sacrifices for the Liberal Party, did not spend even a single peso. But our personal money! my father also spent Php20,000.00, just to buy votes in that election (in 2007); It was just a small amount at least we contributed compared to others who didn’t contribute to the Liberal party, but unfortunately, got more favor from him and harvested more fruits from the Liberal party. Sorry for the unfortunate people like my family!

In one occasion (at 7:00 PM on May 4, 2007- date verified) at the compound of Mayor Bugna, I observed the boastfulness attitude of Mr. Matias and Mrs. Benie Cabalitan, when I said to them! I have relatives in Brgy. Hinabangan (a far flung Barangay of Mondragon), but I was surprised the answer of these two persons, they spoke at the same time your family is small family only (ditoy la iton didto)! not big family! So I did not answer anymore because these two husband and wife are braggart and arrogant. The words uttered by these two husband and wife made me upset and aggrieved, so I kept it in my heart and kept it as a challenge for my family.

Sometime in January to February 2008, I was ordered by the Mayor (Bugna) to make program of works for Road Concreting from Bugko -Nenita, and Nenita to San Antonio, and San Jose amounting to 200 millions pesos including Farm to market roads, I diligently done and fagged all these program of works, the program of works were submitted by Mayor Bugna Jr. to Congressman (Governor) Paul Daza for funding purposes. I was hoping that when funds for these projects become available (ready for implementation), I will be a part of the implementation, but unfortunately I was not included anymore even a single project.

On February 2008, I had implored the mayor to recommend me to Congressman Daza to get projects at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Northern Samar, Philippines as per advice of my friends and Kumpadre for a three (3) rooms school buildings intended for Makiwalo Integrated School and F. Dominice High School both of these projects are for Mondragon. As I reckoned, I said to him as I sat down in front of him in his office “Mayor please help and recommend me to Congressman Daza and to the DPWH for projects, because I have some obligations to settle” he then answered to me, I quote! “I myself also have so many debts and obligations” immediately he picked up his mobile phone and called the Asst. DE and he said I quote! Engineer! I will let one of my engineer to meet you, he is Engineer (M), ikaw na bahala diyan! So at 11 o’clock in the morning I went hastily to the DPWH office. There at the DPWH office, I met the ADE and showed to him the list of projects I had brought in my hand, e.g. 2- rooms school building for Makiwalo Integrated School and 1- room school building for F. Dominice High School, he replied to me "these projects have no SARO yet and the funds have not yet arrived.” After a few minutes, he told me that there is a proposed water supply project in Mondragon, he suggested me to help them to find the good source and in the planning, and these should have a sustainability, and potability water source. In my astonishment! shortly after 20 minutes, Mr. Cabalitan (the vice mayor) arrived at the office of the ADE, I had no idea at that instant, that he would come there at the DPWH office, and he sat down in front of me, then he told me in a sarcastic remarks, I quote! “If I were you! you better look for another job you are structural engineer and designer, and there is no other position for you at the Local Government Unit office, it is only for one engineer, we cannot create a position for you, you better run for Councillor, so we could campaign jointly! "and you had made remarks in a party that you have seventy thousand pesos for Nora Cananua as per Mr. Wilfredo Rempillo story."

*** For the information of those people (Mati Cabalitan) this seventy thousand was a barangay project (repair of day care center and basketball goal with budget of seventy thousand pesos) of my father in barangay Imelda, which Nora Cananua had refused to sign, hence my father sought the help instead of late Mayor Dapulag to facilitate the release of the payment through the municipal accountant and the resident auditor, this happened sometime in February 2005 to May 2005 and the project was paid on May 8, 2005 with the help of late Mayor Dapulag instead in one day transaction. Despite of the facts that we asked help from Mayor Bugna, nothing happened. Also, my father asked help from Mr. Cabalitan when he was a councilor but nothing happened.***

I felt insulted and annoyed of his remarks, so I answered to him! “if I run for any elective position I will run with the opposition party, I am an engineer!" I felt afflicted and hurt of this (in local dialect "Nasul-an ak!"). His purpose of annoying me in front of the ADE was to discourage me not to obtrude myself and to cling to the Mayor as supporter may be, and he was envious of me (in local dialect: awaon' naawa' or kaawa') why I was asking for projects from Mayor Bugna? This was my personal viewpoint. And so I left that office and went home with a pique to Mr. vice Mayor. I had awaited for the Mayor (my boss) to confide to him what had occurred at the office of the ADE-DPWH Catarman. At 7 o’clock in the evening on that day I met the Mayor and told him of his vice mayor sarcastic remarks to me. He told me "Did you not tell him that you are not yet the Mayor?" Reluctantly he said to me again "while I am the Mayor don’t leave! Then he said! okay I will take a rest I’m tired!"

Sometimes on March 26, 2008, I met my friends in Catarman just to interact with them. They reminded me about the projects and asked me what was the result of the recommendations I asked from the Mayor (my boss), I couldn't answer to them candidly because I was embarassed before. So, the following day on March 27, 2008, as early as 6 o’clock in the morning I went back to Mayor (my boss) to his residence to implore and to beg him again, as I recalled of what I’ve said to him “Mayor a call using mobile phone is enough to recommend me to Congressman.” As he was listening to me, he said and I quote "just wait for the news at 11:00 o’clock to 12:00 o’clock this day, and then call me about the results." So I went home and waited untill the time he set for me to call him, at 11:30 A.M. I called him using my mobile phone, He told me that “it is not good to transact and ask favour for projects using mobile phone call, we will meet him tomorrow morning at the Makiwalo Integrated School he is the guest speaker there, okay just go with me tomorrow there.” So, I said "yes Mayor tomorrow I’ll be there." I was hoping that he would recommend me to get projects as contractor engineer, (because I knew fully well my status as CASUAL employee as clear as mineral water with meager salary). Accordingly, the next day that was March 28, 2008 (verified date), I woke up as early as 4 o’clock in the morning, having told my wife I’ll be meeting the Congressman, and I took a bathe and dressed up to meet the Congressman at the Makiwalo Integrated School. So I went with the Mayor to Makiwalo Integrated School, at 8 o’clock in the morning Congressman Paul Daza arrived, the Mayor introduced me and said “Pade (he referred to Congressman) engineer is here,” Congressman Paul Daza said! “your father is my friend, where is he? I answered! He is now in Barangay Imelda! Congressman Daza said and I quote paki kumusta nala sa kanya! so I said “yes Sir! I will.!” Then afterwards he walked to the stage with Assistant division superintendent Gorgonio Diaz (who happened to be my cousin), the Mayor, vice Mayor, Barangay Captain, and the school principal. I had awaited untill the graduation rites finished. We had the lunch at the Barangay hall because it was already past 11 o’clock in the morning. After having lunch we went home, I had the ride with mayor (my boss), at their residence we conversed at the dining table only three (3) of us, and then he said “Congressman allowed me that all contractors for projects in our town will pass through me. I couldn’t forget the words and instruction of the Mayor to me, "there is a concreting project in barangay Nenita it is 10 million project, but I need money today. "Do you have financier?"I said" Yes! I have! "then he asked me if my financier could finance the project. "Who is he? I told him! “Mayor! 5 to 10 million pesos he could finance, he is my friend and godfather of my daughter, you know him." and he said and I quote! “You let us meet and talk this afternoon and tell him I need Php50, 000.00, I need to pay my debt, it's Friday today, and banks will close at 3 o’clock in the afternoon hurry up and tell them to withdraw before 3 o'clock (3 P.M). At 12 o’clock sharp, immediately I went to Catarman to contact my financier ("Kuno"- it was Edgar Lim) to ask him to lend money to Mayor Bugna, but Mr. Edgar Lim has no money at that time, hence they borrowed from Engr. Lope Dorado with the reason as being said by Mr. F. Cardenas that its the same because we are one. It had occurred that at 6:30 o’clock in the evening, we brought the money in the amount of fifty thousand pesos (Php50, 000.00) to his residence, Mr. Dorado was the one who handed-over the money to Mayor Bugna, so he received the full amount. At the same time Lope Dorado dare to ask the recommendation of Mayor Bugna Jr. to recommend him to Congressman Paul Daza. And, hoping that I would be a part of the project I waited from April to May 28, 2008, the date of bidding of the 10 million road concreting project. I was not aware that he got an advance SOP (Million pesos) of said project from a certain engineer Dorado (I've mentioned the name because I knew him). Despite of my efforts to ask projects from Congressman Paul Daza, I got 0 as in Zero = 0.

The saddest story was on November 2, 2008 (date verified): The order of Mayor Bugna to me to accompany the Engineers and Surveyor from Provincial government and Provincial engineering office (Jennifer Evangelista, Joan Balasta, David Dorico) to conduct the sourcing of potable water supply for the three (3) interior barangays (villages), Hinabangan, Cahicsan, Cagmanaba the far flung villages 20 to 30 kilometers from town proper of Mondragon. So, because of my consideration and being compliant I obeyed him, I shouldered the expenses, amounting to Ph3,000.00 pesos, we took the ride on boat to reach the area, for three (3) days we stayed at the village. On November 3, 2008, with the chairwoman Evelyn Morillo, we climbed the mountain of Hinabangan village (elevation of the mountain) was 84 meters above sea level to make ocular inspection of the site of spring water, then on the following day we went and proceeded to Cahicsan village and then met the chairwoman and conducted the sourcing of potable spring water, we went to the site on foot (Hipat brook) then immediately we proceeded to Cagmanaba village approximately 30 kilometers from town proper, the elevation of the barangay was 36 meters above sea level, with the help of the Chairman Mr. Rudy Pinca, we went to the site on foot approximately 800 meters from the village, to have a visual/occular inspection of the spring water, the villagers were happy to see us because they expected to have a good drinking water. After 3 days we went back home, we took a ride on a motorized banca (I paid Php1,500.00 one way).  Unfortunately, when I tried to reimburse my expense, I was only allowed by the Budget officer to reimburse Ph200.00 pesos per day as per diem, so in my disgust I did not reimburse my expenses to protest this kind of attitude, envious (mga awaon -in local dialect). My right foot and left foot fingernails were peeled off because we footed to the site of spring water sources. How disgusting...!!!

Another story: On May 2009, for four (4) years of working with Mayor Bugna I had the chance to work Ph500 thousand street concreting project partnered with Marlito Bugna as a complimentary only (maybe), everything he managed even the disposal of excess cements 250 bags.

Another story: Here it is! On February 2009, I asked projects from Mayor Bugna while I was signing the Ph10 millions KALAHI-CIDSS projects, so he said I quote " You tell ABC Marlito that I am giving to you the Ph1 million street concreting project in Brgy. Eco, and tell him that I am committed to you," hence, I hurriedly went to Marlito Bugna being excited and told him the commitment of Mayor Bugna to me. But, the Ph1Million project was reduced to Ph500 thousand only because he gave to Mr. Rogelio Diaz the other Ph500 thousand, so I let it passed because I have nothing to do because he is a brother of the mayor.

Another story: was for the project in Brgy. Imelda, in my father's barangay (village) a street concreting at baybay street, I asked this project from Mayor Ismael Bugna while I was signing in front of him (Bugna) the Ph10,000,000.00 KALAHI-CIDSS projects, the third cycle; apparently Mr. Matias Cabalitan was also asking this project. Sometime in August 2009 Mr. Wilfredo Rempillo told me that this project was not being acted upon by Nora Cananua because she (Nora) knew that I was the one who will work on this project; although street cementing projects in Barangay Chitongco and Eco were already implemented and paid amounting to Ph5 millions given to Mr. Olpior Conge and Marlito Bugna. The worst scenario (problem) was that, the street concreting project was also being asked by Mr. Matias Cabalitan, so I was very angry and became restless, I was not able to control my pique and resentment to them, why he is not contented with his projects given by Mayor Bugna (Mondragon Public Market -Php3Millions, Street cementing at Makiwalo-Php500T, Bagsakan at old public market-Php400T, etc.). what a man ..G?

On April 2010 after almost one year this project was implemented by Lito Custorio and Mr. Cabalitan;

In my sense this was bygone days, and so, "let bygone be bygone." and I felt sorry for them if I am obtrusive (makulit) of my request for favor from them and made hostile comments for them.

I was in a reminiscence at that instant, because of my lamentations; my former partner Engr. Fabian Cardenas offered me to supervise his contract four(4) story commercial building; owned by Atty. Camara, I don't know the real intentions of my kumpadre Fabie; coincidentally Board member Jun Rosales a former 3 terms Mayor of Catarman visited me to our house personally and convinced me to help him in the campaign for the congressional seat for the first district of Northern Samar with a promise that he will help me to have a better work and/or he will give me projects to work as contractor. Subsequently, I had accepted the offer of Board member Jun Rosales, he assigned me as the municipal coordinator, also, at the same time I helped  Engr. Vio R. Villadolid ( my brother in-law) a professional electrical engineer, a candidate for board member, an incumbent municipal councilor of Mondragon. Accordingly, I declined and forgot the offer of Engr. Cardenas.

Moreover, I helped the campaign of Jun Rosales for congressman in more than than one(1) month I went to all 24 barangays and visited my relatives, classmate, friends, I had made drinking and tossing of glasses of beer, tanduay wines , coconut wine "tuba a native wine)" with a promise that if Jun Rosales wins as congressman I can recommend them for health and medicines, works, infra whatever I can help them. Hence, the result was good; Board member Jun Rosales and former Governor Harlen Abayon got bigger votes and  Board member Jun Rosales had almost defeated Deputy Speaker Raul Daza and Governor Paul Daza, We had inflicted the Liberal Party, ingenuity, cleverness of the undefeated Raul Daza and Paul Daza a friend of my father and his boss.

Consequently, because of the result of the May 10, 2010, local and national election in our town of Mondragon, Mayor Ismael Bugna, Jr. our godfather (as wedding principal sponsor) got angry to me, because Governor Raul A. Daza scolded him about the election result, because he did not fulfill his promise to Governor Raul Daza that he will manage and give a big margin of loses, he promised five (5) thousand more votes against Jun Rosales and Former Congressman Harlen Abayon. Unfortunately, the Daza's had won by one thousand plus more votes only against Board member and former mayor Jun Rosales and former governor/congressman Harlen Abayon.

Hence, Mayor Ismael Bugna, Jr. politicized every moves and retaliated. He blocked the promotions of my wife an elementary school Principal promotable for elementary school Principal 3 by visiting the office of the head of office. He campaigned against my father in the October 26, 2010, barangay election, but he didn't make it, his candidate for barangay captain lost, and luckily my father won the election for the third time by 126 votes against the protege "Bata -Bata" of Mayor Bugna whom he bet. He made discourse 2 times in Brgy. Imelda (village) in front of the 4 P'S Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino beneficiaries (inside of a cockpit arena and a meeting place of 4 P's) urging them not to vote my father instead he urged to vote Mr. Julio De guia as Brgy. Captain and Bernie Baldonado and his party.

Our query will be: who are most HONORABLE political figures, governors, congressmen, mayors, vice- mayor, that deserve and possess merit respect among HONORABLE politicians in Mondragon and also Northern Samar? Nobody knows of course!

Now, let us look and analyze and make comments on the personalities of politicians, if who are most HONORABLE amongst the HONORABLE persons and deserve respect from the people of Mondragon and Northern Samar province in general. I will provide the names and data each one of them in my personal knowledge.


Hon. Harlen Castillo Abayon:

Governor of Northern Samar 1987-1998; First district Congressman, 1998-2007; a lawyer by profession, member of the Liberal Party and shifted to LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD party in the recent 2010 election and lost to Governor Paul Daza. He sponsored and funded the construction of Catarman Bridge 2 (php200 million), and 78 km. road from Catarman to Calbayog City via Lope de Vega (php650 million)

Hon. Francisco "Jun" Rosales:

Mayor of Catarman from 1998-2007, and 6 years Board Member 1995-1998, 2007-2010, an engineer by profession, member of the LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD. He led the construction of the Catarman bus terminal, and public market slaughter house and developed the capital town of Northern Samar.

Hon. Aleta Rosales:

Mayor of Catarman from 2007-2010; wife of Francisco "Jun" Rosales, registered nutritionist, She lost in her bid for re-election under the LAKAS-KAMPI party. The Rosales's are good, considerate and gracious persons.

Hon. Raul A. Daza:

He is an incumbent Congressman 2010-present, Governor 2001-2010, Congressman, 1987-1998 first district of Northern Samar, he was a member of the 7th Congress(1969-1973), and self exiled to United States during the martial law, Deputy Minister of the PCGG (1986-1987),CPA-Lawyer by profession, member of the Liberal Party and former party president from 1994 to 1998. He ran for the senatorial race in 1998 but he lost. I, my father and my family had voted for him in 1987, 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007. But in 2010 I did not for him.

Hon. Paul R. Daza:

He is an incumbent Governor of Northern Samar 2010-present; Congressman, 2007-2010, Board Member 2004-2007. He graduated cum laude of BS in Economics at the University of California of Los Angeles (UCLA), USA, a member of California state bar. He was a senior vice president of the Metro Railway Transit (MRT). He is the son of Congressman Raul Daza, member of the Liberal party and he is a friend of my father. I, my father and my family had voted for him in 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010.

Hon. Ismael Bugna, Jr.:

He is an incumbent 3rd termer Mayor of Mondragon 2004-present, Vice Mayor from 1995-2004. a graduate of BS Political Science in UEP Catarman, he is most trusted of Governor Paul Daza. The mayor is extremely loyal to Governor Paul Daza being the source of fund in any election. He is a magniloquent, grandiloquent, a Glib person and politician in our town. He could tame leaders and persons by offering wines even as early as 6:00 o'clock in the morning, he used to drink beer as his way of entertaining barangay leaders and all his friends. He has many salaried men (errand boys) for his intelligence purposes, his "eyes and ears". Hence, he listens everything, whatever his "eyes and ears" will tell/speak and report to him, and he is surrounded by many instigators and/or inciter persons (manunulsol) "listo sumutab" in local dialect, my father called them as he recounted, "mga listo sumutab" even to the prejudice, to the detriment of others. He hires many job orders during election period to ensure his victory. Finally, he is surrounded by many sycophants just to get favors from him to ask works with salary ranging from php80.00 to php120.00 pesos per day.

In one occasion at the mayor's residence, I have seen a manifestation of the mayor's smooth, soft spoken but overbearing, the peremptory attitude . On August 4, 2007, at 7:00 PM (date to be verified), the date and time when he commanded/ordered me to make the analysis (computation) of the footbridge in Barangay Talolora, and then sign the documents. Indeed, the preparation of plans, cost estimates and structural analysis and design are the works of the kalahi-cidss engineers from regional office, unfortunately the fact and reality they (kalahi-cidss engineers) don't know how to make the Structural ANALYSIS (computations) and Design Calculations, because of inexperienced in actaul practice. My task and/or job was to review and affix my signature only. Instead, he insisted that I should be the one to make analysis and sign promptly, and he said to me, and I quote "Pusilon ta ikaw"- (in English dialect "I'll fire you! or I'll shoot you") if I don't obey", while he walked going to their kitchen. Obviously, who am I to disobey the boss? I surmised at that time he was joking only, but nevertheless, I hurriedly done the analysis and signed immediately without additional remuneration as what we've agreed when I (myself) and kalahi engineers, area coordinator talked and they promised, being my specialization. Were it not for him "the Mayor" I did not make the analysis, affixed my signature! It was for him "the Mayor" (out of consideration for my godfather and kumpadre), with due respect to him. Anyway this is bygone days, I let bygone be bygone.

He had won several elections, because majority of the voters believed that he is the one who could bring infrastructure projects to our town being close to governor Paul Daza, and people of Mondragon believe that he is a good person. Nevertheless, only God knows who are good persons and politicians? nobody knows, of course!; Clearly, only TIME will tell us who are most trustworthy to hold public office as public servant.

Matias Cabalitan:

He is an incumbent vice mayor 2007-present. 3 years councilor, a graduate of BS Agriculture Education in UEP Catarman, Philippines, most trusted and protege of Mayor Ismael Bugna, Jr. He thinks that he is more good than others, because he had worked in DPWH as laboratory technician.

He is the one who said to me on November 2007 (date to be verified), and I quote Analysis(computations) and design calculations are not necessary for footbridges, it is only a footbridge and the users are the villagers only. and he said again, I quote "if you do not affix your signature you better look for another job, you have high qualifications, in local dialect, I quote "AYAW SA AM didi" (go away from us), the municipal engineer is insecure of your qualifications. He was mentioning his favorite municipal engineer whom they could not compel, coerce to obey them and to sign the kalahi-cidss projects, they used me, they made me as their scapegoat; And, he was talking and referring about a footbridge with 11 meters span, with 66 meters length,  one of the kalahi-cidss sub-projects in barangay Talolora. At that point in time, he was compelling and coercing me to sign, affix my signature of the said footbridge project as per instruction of my boss to him, when he was an acting mayor. Notwithstanding there was a need for analysis, I had signed, affixed my signature immediately, all the kalahi-cidss sub-projects, and the local projects assigned to me, just to be good to my boss (Mayor Bugna Jr.) and be compliant to them. He was blocking me to get projects from DPWH. His wife was the one who underestimated and belittled me when she was a councilor in 1992 to 1995 just for a waiting shed construction in Makiwalo, because of the mistakes of the carpenters she put on to me all the blames, a Php50,000.00 (USD1,000.00) project only in exchange for my dignity and integrity. His wife a 10th grade student or high school graduate only questioned my credibility as engineer. I let bygone be bygone. I let God decide for him.

Hon. Arturo Q. Malobago

He is incumbent Barangay Captain in Barangay Imelda, 3 termer from 2002 up to present.

Hon. Marlito C. Bugna:

He is an incumbent 2nd termer barangay captain of barangay Eco, Mondragon from 2007-2013/present, member of the Liberal Party. Having puffed up (with pride), selfish person, envious, he makes innuendos and insults to his critics, it's because he is a brother of the Mayor. He is a graduate of bachelor of laws (but did not pass the bar exams, 3 times) elsewhere, and BS Customs Administration at PMI Manila. He is my kumpadre when we stood as principal sponsor in a weeding! But I can't blame him really because he is a brother of the Mayor, he has the back-up. He uttered sarcastic words when he told me that "don't interfere anyway you are not the LGU municipal engineer, you are just a signatory in lieu of her." And the item created intended for you was disapproved as he answered sarcastically to me! Then one instance he told me to keep away from Nora his engineer, He said I quote.

Do not come near to Nora's office" so I replied to him instantly, I didn't come to her office even once!

This happened when I suggested for the theodolite survey instrument for the levelling of drainage canal. Hence the project in his barangay Eco, the drainage canal was a failure and resulted to overflowing, see my previous blog post, the title is Hydraulic design and Juan Delacruz.